TUI Travel Gift Card - £100


TUI Travel Gift Card - £100


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A TUI eGift card with £100 credit. The recipient can put the value of it towards the cost of their dream holiday, whether it’s an exotic escape to the Caribbean, or a romantic break to Paris. This Gift card was purchased directly from the the company. The gift card will also be sent shortly after redeeming to the email address associated with the account.

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Where can I spend my gift card?

You can redeem your gift card online at or, or use it in any TUI or First Choice shop or superstore, excluding Southern Ireland. 


Can I use my Gift Card to book excursions online?

Unfortunately this is not currently possible but you can book a selection of excursions by visiting your local TUI store.


What happens if my gift card is lost or stolen?

Because the card is treated as cash, the balance can’t be refunded if it’s lost or stolen.


Do I need to have my card with me to redeem it?

Yes – you’ll need your card to hand when you’re ready to buy something with it. To credit the gift card, though, you’ll only need the serial number.


When does my card expire?

The value on your card will expire on the date printed on the reverse of the card.


Who do I call if I have any questions about my gift card?

You can contact your local shop for more details. If you’re a corporate customer, please get in touch with our Corporate Sales Team on 01709 242064 or by emailing


Can I use my TUI travel gift card online?

Yes, but you'll need to make sure your gift card has sufficient funds first. If you are making a new booking online your gift card must be loaded with a value equal to or greater than the payment due, otherwise you will be unable to redeem your gift card at this time. Once the booking has been made further gift card payments can be applied using the My Account functionality on the website. Each gift card will have to be applied separately and you must enter the value to be redeemed in each instance. To redeem your gift card online, please select 'Gift Card' as the form of payment from the menu on the payment page.


How do I find out my card balance?

Just call 0203 130 0133, visit your local shop or check your balance online.


Can I use my gift card over the phone?

No – you’ll need to redeem your gift card online or at any TUI travel shop or superstore, excluding Southern Ireland.


Terms & conditions can be viewed at


If you would like to send this Gift Card to someone else as a gift, please create a support request with the prize redemption id and the new mailing address and name of the person.