Why Play Trivia Battle

Why Play Trivia Battle

Gaming, prize competitions, casinos and bookmaking has undergone a digital revolution over the past 20 years that few could predict. These categories have diversified in ways that have changed the game forever and continue to offer new ways for people to use apparent logic and strategy to play fixed odd games or predict outcomes of sporting events.

Whilst we at Trivia Battle applaud the technological developments in these sectors, we believe there is still an issue that has never been addressed, the odds are always in the favour of the house. Okay we lied,  maybe the house doesn’t win in Poker, but then again it’s likely that same online company that offers you services to play poker, will have a tab that allows you to play Blackjack too; and that one the house always win. I wonder why that might be?

So, how exactly does Trivia Battle address this issue? It’s actually quite simple; there are no fixed odds and it all comes down to your trivia SKILL. General knowledge might not be something that accelerates your career but there is no denying that answering a question correctly before an opponent does is a demonstration of skill. Breaking it down, the speed at which you read the question will impact your chances of winning, the speed at which you read the answers will impact your chances of winning, and finally the speed at which you actually answer will also impact your chances of winning, not to mention accuracy…

One competition entry costs £1 credit and the cash out value updates after every round (you can also cash out at any round except the first). The maximum value you can win is £1,000,000 per competition if you win 21 rounds in a row, but you can enter as many times as you like. All cash won at Trivia Battle can either be withdrawn directly into your bank account or used to redeem fantastic prizes.

Register for free today and receive £2 free account credit with no deposit required, no promo code required, no card required and a simple 60 seconds registration process. The £2 free credit will entitle the user to enter 2 competitions and can withdraw all cash won, again no deposit required.

Published on 2020-07-25 20:43:24 by Admin