St. John Ambulance

St. John Ambulance

St John Ambulance is a volunteer-led, charitable non-governmental organisation dedicated to the teaching and practice of first aid in England. Along with St John Ambulance Cymru, St John Ambulance Northern Ireland, and St John Ambulance Scotland, St John Ambulance is one of four affiliates of the international St John Ambulance movement in the United Kingdom.

The St John Ambulance Association was founded in 1877 to provide first aid training. In 1887, the St John Ambulance Brigade was founded to provide uniformed medics at public events. In 1968, the two were merged into the present foundation. The organisation is a subsidiary of the England and the Islands priory (i.e. branch) of the Order of St John. Until 2012, it also managed St John Ambulance services in the Isle of Man and Channel Islands.

St John Ambulance supplies ambulance services in England, providing patient transport services to over 100,000 people a year, and working in partnership with NHS trusts, private healthcare groups, local authorities and individuals. Services offered include A&E support, patient transport, bariatric transfer, paediatric and neonatal services, high-dependency transfers, planned journeys, repatriations, community first response and emergency response and major incident support.

This is why Trivia Battle has selected St John Ambulance as one of our primary charities we support. 10% of our profits go into these charities. Stay tuned to find out exactly how much gets donated, and how exactly the act of playing Trivia Battle directly impacts this charity. To find out more about what St John Ambulance does, please read more here.

If you would like to donate to St John Ambulance as well as playing Trivia Battle or instead of playing Trivia Battle, you can do so by visiting

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