Playing on the Go

Playing on the Go

Trivia Battle can be played on any device that has a relatively up to date internet browser. Most smartphones, tablets and nearly all computers will have the capability of supporting Trivia Battle. Of course all of these devices must be connected to the internet. Internet connection and speeds are the most important factor to consider before starting a game.

If you lose connection mid-game, the game will continue and there is a chance your opponent will be you. Alternatively, if you have a slow internet speed or are using mobile data whilst moving, it increase the chances of losing connection to our server and it drastically increase you chances of losing.

It is recommenced to connect your device to wifi rather than using mobile data. For a lot of people who live in cities that have great infrastructures, playing on mobile data is fine and you will not have any connectivity using, but in more rural areas it can cause issues.

Trivia Battle will soon be available to download for free on iOS and Android. Stay tunes folks!

Published on 2020-07-25 20:42:10 by Admin