Playing as a Group

Playing as a Group

Playing Trivia Battle is great on your own, but the aim of the game is to win. Nobody is truly an expert in everything and that’s why playing when you are with friends will give you a significant advantage (well… some friends)  across the 14 question categories.

Whilst some may think playing a team rather than a single person is cheating, the reality is that there is nothing at Trivia Battle would be able to do to stop people cheating in this way. If you try to inspect the website with browser tools however, you will automatically lose; if you leave the tab or deselect focus on the current window, you will automatically lose. This would not stop you from using another device to try and search the internet for the answer, but by doing so you will sacrifice valuable time and likely still lose if your opponent know the correct answer. To summarise, if you cheat like a human that is fine, but if you cheat like a computer (i’m looking at you, web developers!) You will lose and likely face account suspension (depending on severity).

When playing with friends it is a good idea to use a bigger screen, so everyone can read the questions and answers easily. Casting, to your TV can be a great addition to game night with friends, without everyone huddled around the TV.

Published on 2020-07-25 20:41:01 by Admin