Managing Loses the Right Way

Managing Loses the Right Way

As explained by, problem gambling can affect anyone. It can happen at any age, to males or females, and to people from any ethnic background. Studies have shown that you are more likely to develop a problem if you have a family history of problem gambling and if you started gambling at an early age.

Problem gambling has been called the 'hidden addiction', meaning that unlike other addictions such as alcohol or drug addiction, the physical effects of the problem are very difficult to see. You are unlikely to know that someone has a gambling problem unless they tell you.

Whilst Trivia Battle is not gambling and rather a prize competition, we believe the principle should be applied the same. Firstly it is important to remember not to deposit any amount that is ‘not within your means’; it costs £1 per entry and we would recommend to deposit less than £50 at any time. If you are in a position where you are losing more money than you are making, we recommend you go improve you general knowledge across the 14 categories, and then have another shot. 

The feeling of a hot-steak is an incredible feeling however it can have negative consequences when the run comes to an end. People have a tendency to follow up from a loss by immediately trying to rectify the loss with a win; the more someone losses, the more invested they are in rectifying the situation. Trivia Battle can be a platform for users to win life-changing amounts of money but for every winner, there is also a loser. Whilst it is great that people have the opportunity to win money we stress that the primary reason to play Trivia Battle is for enjoyment. When you are no longer having fun, stop. When you are consistently losing rounds, stop. When you are losing money, stop. We have introduced a suite of tools to help you manage your gaming, set deposit limits and cool of periods.

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