Automotive Prizes Explained

Automotive Prizes Explained

There’s a fantastic range of automotive prizes available at Trivia Battle including brand new cars, motorbikes, quad bikes and boats. A question you may be asking yourself is how do we fit these through your letterboxes and the answer may surprise you…. We don’t.

The prizes are available to collect directly from our distribution units for free, or alternatively we can the cars professionally shipped at cost price. The time taken to receive one of these prizes can vary slightly but will usually be ready for pick up after 7 days, and ready for delivery after 12 days.

These will require arranging with a member of the support team either through email or the support portal. Please remember to include you name and reference number. After the item has arrived and you are happy what you have received, the after-sale support and warrantees are exclusively with the manufacturer of the goods. The support and warrantees are clearly stated in the term’s & conditions of the prize. To view a full range of all prizes available to redeem at Trivia Battle please visit here.

Published on 2020-07-25 20:37:52 by Admin