How Trivia Battle Works

Use your knowledge to beat real opponents at trivia for the chance to win big cash prizes. Competition entries only cost £1. You can cash out at the end of every round and the jackpot Question 21 is worth a whopping £1 million.

How the competition works How the competition works

Step 1 - Create an account

Creating an account is quick, simple and free, and to make it even better we give users free credits to play with before depositing, no cards required and no strings attached. Trivia Battle can be played on phone, mobile and computer by simply visiting the website.

To be eligible to create an account, you must be 18 and over and live in the United Kingdom. If you are, visit the registration page (It takes about one minute).

Create a Trivia Battle account

Step 2 - Enter a competition

Competition entries cost £1; this will be deducted from your credits. There are no restrictions to how quickly you have to play the rounds, and you can enter as many times as you like (well... assuming you have credit in your account).

All entries start on round 1, and therefore play another player on round 1 to see who will progress through to the next round. The losers competition entry will become void and they will have to enter again.

Enter a competition

Step 3 - Search for an opponent

On the entry page screen there is a button to search for opponents; using our match-making algorithm you will be entered into a game with another opponent.

As mentioned the match-making algorithm will only match you will other players from the same round also searching for opponents. Also, all of our players are humans - you will not be paid against a computer, and never will.

If there are no other players available the search will ask if you would like to search again. As you progress through the rounds, the opponents become more scarce. If you are playing a higher round, it is advised to try between our peak times: 18:00 - 20:00.

Search for an opponent

Step 4 - Play game

When a opponent has been found, they both reach the game screen. The round will not start until both players have readied up. The game consists of one multiple choice trivia question with four answers. The first person who answers correctly, wins. If both players answer correctly, the game ends in a draw. Players have 30 seconds to submit an answer.

If a player answers incorrectly, the other player will be able to see the incorrect answer and therefore have the advantage of knowing not to select that one. Your answering speed is important, but an early inaccurate answer could be costly.

Play a multiple choice answer game

Step 5 - Next rounds

If a user wins their first round, they will progress to round 2. The losers competition entry will become void and they will have to enter again. The winning player however has the option of either searching for a new opponent on round 2 and keep progressing through, or cashing out their entry.

Once cashed out, the amount gets added to the account balance of the user which they can either withdraw directly to their bank account, spend on our top redeemable prizes, or enter more competitions.

Next rounds

The Question Categories

The questions you’ll be asked will progressively get harder as the rounds progress. There’s a large bank of questions for each round, and players never see the same question twice. Also, we update our question bank on a regular basis so don't worry, you will not end up playing someone with a list of answers. In addition we have a range of tools monitoring fraudulent activity to stop players cheating.

The category of question you’ll be asked include: the arts, entertainment, food and drink, general knowledge, geography, history, literature, mathematics, music, nature, politics, science, sport and technology.

Question categories

How many rounds are there?

There are 21 rounds, however you can cash out at any point. If you win 21 rounds in a row, you win the jackpot amount of £1 million. From round 5 upwards, the cashout values become significant.

There are no limits to how many times you can enter, so don't worry if you are unsuccessful as you can always try again. You can view the cash out value per round at the prize winnings page.

How many rounds are there

Redeem Top Prizes with Credits

You have the option of either withdrawing your funds back to your bank account, or you can redeem the fantastic prizes we have available at great prices. We have great tech prizes including: 4K Televisions, The newest game consoles, Virtual Reality Headsets, Cameras, Computers and many more. We also offer fashion prizes, automotive prizes and beauty prizes; if you decide you want something from another site, no problem we offer serveral major giftcards too.

To view all of the available prizes which can be redeemed, please take a look at the prizes page.

Top redeemable prizes

Withdraw winnings to your bank account

Withdrawing winnings directly to your bank account couldn't be easier. Simply visit: My Account < Manage Funds < Withdraw and select the amount you would like to withdraw.

If you have not deposited before, we will need to receive the account details required to make the payment. All withdrawals made will be paid in Pound Sterling at the same value as the account amounts and take 5-7 business days to processed.

Withdrawing winnings back to your account

Win Prizes as you Earn XP

As you win games, you earn XP. There are several XP objectives available to win with the prizes getting bigger and bigger each time.

As well as earning prizes for XP, players also win prizes for achieving wins across the 14 question categories: the arts, entertainment, food and drink, general knowledge, geography, history, literature, mathematics, music, nature, politics, science, sport and technology.

Win prizes as you earn XP