Our Way

We innovate our way

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to use the power of innovation to make the world of gaming and prize competitions a fairer place for everyone. The combination of having the best people, the best technology and the best ideas is what makes this possible. The outcome has created a great experience for both our people and our customers. The success of our company means both the community and the environment flourishes; giving back is the driving force that makes Trivia Battle what it is.

Best Place to Work

We want Trivia Battle to be a place where our people feel engaged, be themselves, and inspired to be the best they can possibly be. We want to be a high-performing organisation, where our differences is celebrated and critical to how we operate. Having new ways of looking at things and approaches to challenges has ultimately made our product and service better. The way we work has made us a great place to work for everyone where they can thrive in a way that suits them and the business.

Our cognitively diverse teams have the ability to solve problems quicker and it is something that is critical to us as a business. Having diversity in age, gender, race, cultural background, career experience, skills, beliefs and sexual orientation is something that we celebrate. Our employment processes are agnostic to these differences; what we look for is the candidate that has the Trivia Battle gene. The ability to integrate with colleagues and enteral stakeholders is a skill we hold in high regard; a happy workplace is a productive workplace and we want all of our staff turning up to work on a Monday morning with a skip in their step.

At Trivia Battle, we want to ensure colleagues have a point of contact should they need to speak to someone about their mental health. That's why we have volunteers around the business with mental health first aid training, who are available should anyone need some support. 1 in 4 people experience mental health issues each year, it is a serious issue and something we encourage our staff to feel comfortable expressing. We see our staff as extended family and will do everything in our power to help them through thick and thin.

There is no culture where departments have different agendas and compete to be the best, we have one department and that is Trivia Battle. Everyone combines to the success of this and are equally rewards no matter what area or level of employment they are. We win together and lose together.

This is a new way of doing things, we set out to take on the gambling and prize competitions industry and that is core of how we work. We look for new ways to offer better alternatives to empower users and challenge the existing strangleholds of the industry. Being able to see things that most wouldn’t is the most critical skill for a Trivia Battle employee. We don’t look at what competitors are focusing on; we have our goals and we strive to achieve them.

Modern Slavery

We have lots of policies in place to set expectations of how we and everyone affiliated to Trivia Battle, will work to prevent modern slavery. Our belief is that everyone is entitled to basic rights and freedoms, whoever they are and wherever they live. This includes human trafficking, forced, bonded, child or prison labour. This kind of labour is not acceptable in our operations nor those who work with us or on our behalf.