Learning and Development

We innovate our way

Our People

Our people are the core of our business and that is why we are passionate about developing our people to be the best they can be. At Trivia Battle we are looking to develop people from junior positions to become the future leaders of our company; that is why we have implemented a initiative where we don’t really look for senior candidates to take senior positions here, we want raw talent that can be moulded into exactly what we are looking for. For this reason exactly the sky is the limit, every position that is above entry level will be filled by someone internally to take the next step in their careers, some companies may see this as a maverick way of doing things, but it’s what we are about and what we will continue to do no matter what. Every new starter will have the opportunity to one day become a senior manager and that is what is so unique about Trivia Battle.

Our Schemes

For this reason, the learning and development that takes place at Trivia Battle is critical, and as a result we offer tonnes of opportunities for techies and non-techies to learn new and exciting skills and qualification to take the next leap in their careers. We’re growing and changing fast. To keep up with this, we need to develop people to be their best and play at the top of their game. We're committed to creating a great culture where you can grow your skills and learn through a range of different options.

The development and training we provide consist of many different forms such as courses where you can learn new technologies, as well as getting new hardware/software to develop new skills, attending conferences, buying books, etc.

Our Mentorship Programme

Our Mentoring programme gives you the opportunity to be matched with an experienced colleague to gain one-to-one careers advice, support and guidance from someone that works in a different area of the business from you, or to offer your expertise to someone else. It also gives our mentors the opportunity to develop a more personal style of leadership and broaden your networks.