Our Inclusion and Diversity

Our staff are our family

Our Approach

The mixture of different people and perspectives has helped our approach to business challenges, crating game changing solutions and ideas that has build the foundations of Trivia Battle. Having new ways of looking at things and approaches to challenges has ultimately made our product and service better. The way we work has made us a great place to work for everyone where they can thrive in a way that suits them and the business.

Our cognitively diverse teams have the ability to solve problems quicker and it is something that is critical to us as a business.  Age, gender, race, cultural background, career experience, skills, beliefs and sexual orientation is something that we celebrate. Our employment processes are agnostic to these differences; what we look for is the candidate that has the Trivia Battle gene. The ability to collaborate with our colleagues and stakeholders is a skill we hold in high regard; a happy workplace is a productive workplace and we want all of our staff turning up to work on a Monday morning with a skip in their step.

At Trivia Battle, we want to ensure colleagues have a point of contact should they need to speak to someone about their mental health. That's why we have volunteers around the business with mental health first aid training, who are available should anyone need some support. 1 in 4 people experience mental health issues each year, it is a serious issue and something we encourage our staff to feel comfortable expressing. We see our staff as extended family and will do everything in our power to help them through thick and thin. In addition, we have regular social events that all the workforce are welcome to attend. We believe that building relationships in a fun way not only helps improve teamwork, but also make everyone more comfortable about discussing when they need some help. Check our social media pages to find out more about our social events.

Balancing work and family life can be challenging at times and sometimes a little extra support can help show you that you are not alone. At Trivia Battle we provide support for all kinds of family situations - Adoption, Fostering, Single parenting, Flexible working / Part time working, Fathers, Step fathers, Special needs children, Premature babies, Mental health issues in children, Family Policy. Our diversity strategy is to make Trivia Battle a place where everyone can be themselves and thrive. Perks like flexible working are not only available to people who needs it here, but also people who want it; if it helps our workforce increase productivity and balance, we are more than happy to allow it.


We believe that people are not defined by their disabilities, and this should not hold your career back. Across our business we aim to break down barriers and perceptions of visible and invisible disabilities, long term illnesses and injuries. Our office is wheelchair friendly and our recruitment process encourages anyone, no matter what disability to apply.


From graduates through to experienced candidates, we believe that people from all backgrounds should have equal access to opportunities in employment. At Trivia Battle, we recognise the potential contributions that anyone can make. Socio-economic background and barriers to recruitment can impact individuals from any demographic group and so it is cruitial we address these barriers to inclusion. Whilst we do not look to employ external candidates for our more senior positions, we accept candidates of all ages to apply for our internships, executive and senior executive roles.


We have focused on driving improvements in ethnic representation by setting goals to make sure we are succeeding to be truly inclusive. Being a relatively new company, we can proudly announce that bias has never been involved in our recruitment processes; this is a concept we have be conscious of before the company was even registered.


As a relatively new kid on the block, Trivia Battle never has and never will discriminate against gender. Whether is is recruiting for a position, progressing further, receiving training or anything, we treat everyone equally.


We’re proud to be a business where everyone can be themselves, regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender identity. We want to be a great place to work for everyone, including our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.