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Welcome to the Trivia Battle Homepage. Trivia battle is a head-to-head quizzing site where players use their knowledge to earn cash prizes. Entries cost one pound and start on round one. You will play another player on round one and the winner progresses to round two. All questions have four multiple choice answers; the first player to choose the correct answer first wins. You only have one attempt to answer correctly; if you answer incorrectly, the answer is displayed as wrong, and the other player will know not to choose this one.

Both players have up to 30 seconds to answer before the time is up. If a player wins the round they progress to the next round; the player who loses wins nothing and is eliminated from the competition and will have to re-enter. If both players guess incorrectly, neither will be eliminated and neither will progress, they will both replay the round. You can cash out between rounds if you are happy with the amount won, if not you can keep playing until the final round twenty one where the cash out value is a whopping one million pounds.

As you progress through the rounds the questions get harder and the opponents will no doubt get tougher. The cash out values rise exponentially as you progress through the rounds. From round fourteen upwards, the cash out values start to become life-changing amounts of money. The question categories you may face include the arts, entertainment, food and drink, geography, general knowledge, history, literature, maths, music, nature, politics, science, sport, and technology. When you want to withdraw your winnings, you can either withdraw money directly to you bank, or redeem top prizes or both.

As you play rounds, in addition to winning cash, you earn XP and complete objectives across the question categories. When redeeming objectives, players receive chests which get incrementally bigger, with bigger rewards. Trivia Battle can be played on mobile, tablet or computer just visit Follow us on social media for surprise competitions and the latest updates; good luck!

How it Works

Use your knowledge to beat real opponents for the chance to win big cash prizes. Competition entries only cost £1. You can cash out at the end of every round and the jackpot Question 21 is worth a whopping £1 million.

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Players can cash out of their competition at the end of every round; so, whether you have won £1.50, £25,000 or £1 million your winnings get published.

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